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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Based on the original idea pioneered by Daniel Goleman, Travis Bradberry created a newer version of EQ. EQ 2.0 is now becoming the major focus in criteria for people either being hired into a company or, once there, in the decision on whether they get promoted to leadership. The more we know about ourselves, the better we can be at building and maintaining strong relationships. In the future AI algorithms will do the IQ. The human unique selling point will be EQ.

Factors Impacting Mental Health

We live a society with numerous influences - many invisible - that can impact our ability to maintain positive mental health. The things we see, hear and experience all have impacts on our sympathetic nervous system that regulates our threat response in scenarios that our brain believes might be an imminent threat to us or our lives. The problem these days is that these 'threats' are rarely life threatening but our brain does not know that. It responds in the same way.

Impact of Stress on the Brain

This is a fascinating TED video that describes the impact stress - and specifically chronic stress - can have on the brain. It shows how there can be a wide range of impacts that can create lasting damage. Not only psychological but also physiological. It makes it imperative that we mange stress in a way that makes it work for us in a positive way - i.e. the version that heightens our sense and can improve our ability; not the version that makes us less intelligent and shrinks our brains.

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