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  • Danny Dixon

Your place called Clarity is just beyond the fog.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The fog is all around. Visibility is reduced. Weather warnings. There is a chill in the air. The mist rolls through the hills of the mind. All your senses are awake but they are mis-firing. You can’t see. Which way? This way? That way? Who knows? Does anyone know?

You wonder how you got here. All around you feels unfamiliar. It feels like the fog has just happened. From nowhere. Enveloping you. Once again, you try your mind’s windscreen wipers. They make no difference. Is it better to move forward or to just stand still? You feel perplexed. You can feel the grass growing at your feet. In fact, you can hear it growing! It feels excruciating. Rapidly enveloping your feet. Yet, it is re-assuring to feel something, but it also feels wrong. It feels too comfortable. Like a soft rug.

Somewhere in the distance you can hear a ticking of a clock. It is getting louder. You can hear the people known as 'time markers', calling out the marking of time as it ticks by. As it ebbs away. Getting louder and louder. Tick tock. You have to move. Before it becomes deafening. You have to own it. This moment. It is, after all, the only thing that is real. It is the very beginning of the rest of your life. But you still can’t see. How is it possible to move?

You feel the trepidation in the pit of your stomach. It feels uncomfortable. But you know you need to step. Forward. One step at a time. As you do, you feel the cold chill of the winds of uncertainty against your face. The wind picks up. Is it getting stronger, or is it just because you are moving? You feel scared. But you also feel compelled to move.

You turn the collars up on your coat. You feel a bit warmer. Feel a bit better. But the chill of uncertainty still rakes at your face. It feels quite prickly. But it also feels good to move. It is still not possible to see what’s ahead. Nevertheless you keep moving. There is power in moving. Control. Every sinew of every muscle feels alive.

You can hear people calling out. The ones behind you sound familiar. Then there are the ones just ahead of you. They sound different. Calling your name. They sound friendly too. You are intrigued by them. But still uncertain. You feel a desire to meet them.

Just then, you feel something different from the chill. Feels more like warmth. On your face this time. It feels beautiful. Faint yes. But it is there. Radiating from somewhere. Somewhere above you. Ahead of you. It has the effect of drawing you in. Making you move faster. Little by little. It feels like the cold is being sucked from the air. You can feel it. You can see the rays. Like jets forcing their way through a cloud of fog. Lasers of light. The warmth gets stronger. Warmer still. The prickle of the cold on your face is replaced by the feeling of warmth.

The mist dissolves. Little by little. The sound of the ticking has stopped. You can see where the voices were coming from. They’re standing in the place that looks familiar. You reach them. Greet them. The mist has all but gone. Replaced by something that feels much better. The grass at your feet is no longer growing so fast. You recognise the place.

You remember its name. It is called Clarity. You made it. It feels amazing to be here. To get here, you know that you needed to come through it. It is the only way. You are glad you took the steps through the fog of uncertainty. It took courage. Courage builds courage.

When the fog descends, as it inevitably will. Take control. There are things and times which are uncertain. Just keep moving forward. You will find your place called Clarity. It is always there. Brace yourself. It always exists, just beyond the fog.

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