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Tell me why I 'do' like Mondays!

The notion that a particular day, in a particular month in the year, can be bluer (or sadder) than any other is at best unhelpful. At worst it can be pretty damaging to how we feel about ourselves. So how about turning Mondays around; especially the bluest one!

I have been curious for a while about whether Mondays are - or indeed should be - regarded as the saddest day of the week. This is quite a negative association for poor old Monday. Imagine being Monday, it must be gutted!

We are also told that the third Monday in January is collectively the most miserable day of the whole year. A Marketing trick no-less, to get us spending more money on future, planned purchases like holidays. But does it have to be this way? I say....

So what, our memories of the festive season are vague recollections in the rear view mirror!

So what, it has been a long time since pay-day!

So what, we have a while until our next holiday!

So what, we have some extra weight around our middle!

Much of it is insignificant in the broader scheme of things. I don't wish to trivialise, but why do any of these things mean that we should all breathe a collective sigh and frown. On a practical level, it uses more muscles in your face than it actually takes to make you smile!

Whether you've succumbed to the fads of Dry-January, Veganuary, or something else; unlike many people in the world, we all have more choices. We have a choice in the moment to see things differently. We have a choice whether to smile at the person we pass at work, or in the street (in in a none creepy way!). We can choose whether to reconnect with people (perhaps lost friends) from our past. We can choose whether to look for a new job. Whatever it is, we can choose to make small differences that ladder up to a lot. Most of all we can choose to be kind. This alone will change the day of those we interact with; and therefore change our day too. Monday is as good a day as any to do this. In fact it is probably the best day because most people won't expect it.

If you are feeling genuinely sad then please allow these emotions to unfold, without tension and judgement. Make sure you greet them at the door with a welcome gesture as you would any guest or friend. Pushing away such emotions is denying an important emotional reality of life; and it can create bigger problems further down the line.

But to say that we are sad because it's Monday and even sadder because it is the third Monday in January feels seriously counter intuitive. Of course, it is possible that we could be feeling sad because that is what's expected of us.

If you are feeling sad or worse still you feel like you might be depressed, it is definitely OK. Speak to a family member, friend or colleague. (You could even speak to them over a zero-alcohol beer or a stick of celery.) Talking is proven to be a huge help.

Please though, don't fall in with the commonly held - Marketing-led - belief that you should be sad on a specific day of the week. This is a massive cliche but; today is the first day of the rest of your life; so it can be even more exciting than any other. Therefore embrace it and move forward step-by-step, moment-by-moment, with your head held high.

Who knows what will happen!

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