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Meditation is not just sitting on a pillow; you will access the real you in your mind's wilderness.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Meditation is an age-old practice taken from Buddhism; and more recently is being adopted more and more into western society as a way of creating a more mindful state, that enables greater calmness and focus of the mind. Something that is needed more and more in today's highly demanding world.

Meditation. What is it? Many people ask. I used to think it was the preserve of Buddhist Monks and that you had to go to somewhere like Nepal to do it. Good excuse for a nice holiday. But the trip is not necessary.

I am definitely no Zen Master but this simple, daily action has helped transform my life. It takes me no longer than 20 - 30 minutes a day.

There are different forms but to me meditation is, sitting in a quiet space, closing my eyes and focusing on my breath. Observing and noting my thoughts with curiosity but without judgment. I have found it to be amazing in calming down my busy mind. It has also been really useful in teaching me how to process my thoughts. To see thoughts for what they are - good and bad ones. They are just thoughts. They’re not me. They don’t define me. It has taught me how to apply the ideas and concepts in daily life. So that I can own my thoughts and not the other way round.

If my mind gets busy or becomes negative, or gets into a spiral, then I apply the techniques I have learned through meditation. I simply make myself aware that it is just a thought or the feeling and it is through this conscious awareness that the emotion related to the event will become a lot less intensified. I can do this in the moment. Then I can go about my day. It has been a game changer in calming down my previously (extremely) busy mind.

I personally use the Headspace app - co-founded by Andy Puddicombe (a British guy who became a Buddhist Monk). There are lots of others (e.g. Calm) but this one works for me. I have to say that I absolutely love it and it has changed my life for the better. I have recently started a doing a 121 programme of coaching with an instructor, taking it to the next level. Definitely worth 20 - 30 minutes of my day.

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