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Your brain can give you false and destructive messages; but remember you are not your thoughts.

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

“Your brain gives false, destructive messages, that trigger detrimental patterns and habits. But you have the ability to reshape this brain wiring.”

This is an excerpt from a book I listened to recently, ‘You Are Not Your Brain’.

I was listening to this book whilst walking the dog. I often do this as a way to consume bits of information. I found this message so simple but yet inspirational. It made me feel two things:

1. I was very thankful for coming across it now.

2. I wished I’d had access to it a few years back because it would have been a great help to see my way of thinking for what it was. Just thinking. Just thoughts. Not me. Not real.

It was yet another refreshing reminder that despite how negative my pattern of thoughts have been, and any influencing factors driving them, there is always a different perspective. This perspective can be controlled by how I think about things.

This idea is called ‘reframing’ and this is the ability to look at exactly the same situation in my life but through a completely different lens; a much more positive lens.

It re-enforced again for me, that I can’t change the past, so there is not much to be gained from dwelling on it. Even if there are things I would like to change. Whilst I believe we should work towards the future we want, I also believe that if I worry about it, or how it might turn out, then I am probably acting in a way that can make these worry based thoughts a self fulfilling prophecy.

The only thing I have, that is real, and so can be controlled, is how I think and feel right now, in this moment, about the present. This can be the way I want to see it. The way I want to think about it. The way I want to perceive it.

I don’t want to get too spiritual but I do believe that how you think and act (in your mind and towards others) is what you get back in life. Life has a weird way of painting the world how you think about it, act and how you see it.

There are various theories (e.g. ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne) linking this to ‘the law of attraction’. Whether you fully believe this or not, I love the philosophy that it starts and ends with me as a person (and us as individuals). It starts with how we see and interact with the world and the ends with the choices we make.

They talk about this way of thinking making it possible to tune you into different ‘energy frequencies’, and more positive ones where you master your own destiny and take that control from others or circumstance. What you put out in life, and how you think and act can actually change your life.

So, it feels great to be positive, think positive and treat others with genuine kindness and respect; and there is an upside: you are very likely to get those things plus much more back in return.

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