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Catching the crest of a wave this week: or is it just the sum of the parts?

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

I have had a very strange feeling this week. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I am wondering if it is the sum of the parts coming together.

Having had the advantage of seeing life through a pretty crappy lens (despite on the face of it, everything looking perfect to others), I really can recognise the feeling of solidness when it is there. I use this word because I am not talking about a hyper, momentary high, but more that feeling of inner strength that had felt so absent for such a long time. A state of calm determination is probably the right description.

I have been trying to put the parts together; from my increased focus on mindful meditation recently which is helping me be more present, keeping up with regular exercise, started taking vitamin B supplements (supposed to be good for mental wellness), taking a more balanced approach to life and work. I dunno. Maybe it’s all of them.

I am sitting here listening to ‘The Streets of Philadelphia‘ by Bruce Springsteen and whilst I can‘t indentify with the film it was written for the words really resronate with memories of my recent past. “I was bruised and battered, couldn‘t tell what I felt.... I was unrecognisable to myself.”

The thing is, I can‘t identify with those thoughts right now. This gives me real hope for me and all those people reading this who are feeling low now or have felt low recently. There is a light at the end of what can sometimes feel like a very dark tunnel.

I am writing this post for those who sometimes feel hopeless, to feel more hopeful. For those who feel despair, to feel desire. For those who feel sadness, to feel the sun on their face. For those who feel low, to feel lifted. For those who feel insular, to feel inspired to take on the world.

What ever you do, capture the feel good moments like a photo, and store them in your mind. Take these feel good moments and build the emotional bank balance. This balance can help cover and offset the feel shit moments. Because we all have them.

Keep well all.

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